Our Chat Elves

Meet our chat elves. Every day you can chat to a different one of them on our chat with a Christmas elf page.

Cherry Snowball

(Cookie Maker)


Cinnamon Pricklebow

(Toy Maker)


Jolly Candyman

(Mail Manager)

19th June

Belle Merrybox

(Hot Chocolate Maker)

20th June

Honey Tipsynose

(Naughty & Nice List Manager)

21st June

Spirit Nibbles

(Sleigh Mechanic)

22nd June

Chippy Toffeefeet

(Cleans Elf Clothes)

23rd June

Buzz JingleBox

(Reindeer Carer)

24th June

Tinker TreacleToes

(Elf School Teacher)

25th June

Merry Sparklecandy


26th June

Gumdrop FairyLips

(Toy Researcher)

27th June

Fizz Angeldust

(Gift Wrapper)

28th June

Tinsel Jollywell

(Scout Elf)

29th June

Fisbee Pricklydust

(Workshop Cleaner)

30th June

Tinsel Jollywell

(Scout Elf)

1st July