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Your Elf Name Generator

Welcome to - The place where you can generate your very own elf name. It's based on your first and last name and there are over 90,000 possibilities. Your elf name won't change and is computed based on each letter of your name making this the most advanced elf generator on the internet.

  1. Create your elf name

    Type in the your first name and last name to our elf name generator. Don't worry, this data will not be shared with anyone.

  2. Share your elf name

    Once you have your amazing elf name be proud of it and let everyone know about it.

  3. Do the #ElfNameChallenge

    Take part in the #ElfNameChallenge. Throughout the month of December you are to be known as your elf name and where possible you should insist people address you by it.

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