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Christmas Elf Name Generator

Welcome to - The place where you can generate your very own elf name and then make your lookalike elf character. Your elf name is based on your first and last name and there are over 90,000 possibilities of what it could be. Your elf name won't change and is computed based on each letter of your name making this the most advanced elf generator on the internet.

  1. Make your elf name

    Type in your first and last name to our Christmas elf name generator. That's all we need and don't worry; this data will not be shared with anyone, but we do reserve the right to show your elf name on our 'Recently Named Elves' page.

  2. Make your elf character avatar

    Once you've created your elf name it's time to make your elf character. Head over to the Elf Character Builder and customise your elf to look like you using our simple elf builder tool. Once you're happy with how things look click the 'Generate social profile pic' button to create your elf avatar which can be used on social media platforms.

  3. Start using your elf profile pic!

    We invite you to use your new elf avatar image on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter throughout the months of November & December allowing all your friends/followers to appreciate your elf name, look and love for Christmas.

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